Wednesday, 26 September 2012

American Movie


Here's a poster I just finished for The Hyde Park Picture House. It's for a late-night screening of 'American Movie', a documentary about Mark Borchardt and his friend Mike Schank, as they spend 3 years finishing a horror movie.

Screening Saturday 29th September, 11pm - I'll have an edition of 15 A3 heavyweight art prints to sell on the night at £6 each, and they come with 2 free badges!

And here's a little clip from the film... You can see why Mike Borchardt and Mark Schank were so amazing to draw:
(beware of swears)

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Awesome Arms

The fine, inky people at Awesome Merchandise comissioned a t-shirt design from me a few months ago, and this week the six-armed beast has gone to print!

Get your mits on one of these all next week via the Awesome Merch twitter competitions. I should have a few to give away as promos too, so keep your eyes peeled!
To amuse myself and entertain your eyes, I made a GIF of the 4-colour screenprint separations (with added blinks and lightning bolt):

Monday, 17 September 2012

Make It Then Tell Everybody

Here's a poster/flyer I just finished for Birmingham Zine Festival 2012!

It's for an event called 'Make It the Tell Everybody' on Saturday October 13th, hosted by Dan Berry discussing comics and illustration with panels of excellent creators. It runs alongside the independent publishing fair and you can find out more and book seats on the Facebook page.

I have a table at the fair on Saturday and will also be on these comics/illustration panels.

Didn't have long to draw this chap, so pretty smitten with his curvaceous outcome, wild grin and bonus brogues.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Progress Bar Beauty

This week has involved working on some giant files in Photoshop. Which has pushed my little laptop to maximum speed. That top speed can be pretty slow, so I've been left staring at a lot of crawling progress bars, and drawing things like this to pass the time:

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Commissioner's Crest

I worked on a dreamy private commission this week... Topics of interest were: Cats, owls, tortoises, music, Scotland, Dundee United and a special date. Enjoyed drawing and inking it so much.

Here is a gif I made to show my designing/drawing/colouring process. It goes from pencils to inks to final colour artwork in a hypnotic loop:

Commission Workflow

Friday, 7 September 2012

Pulpus Comicorus

Here's a new comic about a wild beast that stalks bookshelves and bed-side tables across the realm - Pulpus Comicorus!

This strip/design was drawn for Comic Strip Tees, a website which showcases new comic strips by amazing artists and makes a new one available as a t-shirt every week.
'Comics Are Wild' has launched on the CST website, so you can now buy this character-bustin' thread shredder HERE for a mere $20/£14.