Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Due Returns

Last November writer Matthew Sheret and I were in residence for Thought Bubble Festival 2011. As part of our week working together in Leeds Art Gallery Library we wrote a comic, which as of this morning is called 'Due Returns'.

The past couple weeks I've been working non-stop drawing and colouring the 6-page strip, which will feature in the Thought Bubble 2012 Anthology (Image) out in November. Until then, here are a few preview pictures of work-in-progress as an offering for your eyes:

Aside from my neck seizing up yesterday (ouch), it's been a pleasure to work with Matt and Thought Bubble to make something new and exciting... And not be working in complete solitary confinement as is usually the case.

From a proud prisoner of comics.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Latitude 2012

Today bought some wellington boots and a pack-away raincoat, as tomorrow entails an expedition to Suffolk for Latitude 2012.

In the Literary Arena at 9.45pm Avoid The Future's Martin Steenton will be engaging a discussion and exploration of comics as a medium: 'Why Comics'. Myself, Kyle Platts and Oliver East are being interviewed and I'm also going to delve into how a design approach can work in an auteur practice.

Speaking of design, I was delighted to be asked to make the title slide for our talk:

So, wellies on and hoods up! Onward into the mud.

p.s. Dave Gorman is on the billing before our talk. Pretty sure that makes him our support act.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Solipsistic Pop 5

I recently worked on illustrating and designing the upcoming issue #5 of UK anthology Solipsistic Pop, published by Tom Humberstone

As a contributor to issues 2 - 4 thus far, I'm smitten to have been asked to work on the design and identity for issue #5. In 2010 Solipsistic Pop 2 opened with
my comic Sapling and those pages were the first pieces of comics work I ever had published, so it's an anthology close to my heart.

Due out in early 2013, this issue is hardback with gold leaf embossing, patterned endpapers and library card/wallet for the book's readers to fill in.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Universe Repeating

Here's a little snippet of some repeat patterns I've been making this week.

Prime numbers and Galileo are the subject matter behind these... For a larger project about the cosmic universe. More soon!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Floating Head

A quick doodle interlude away from working just lead to this lady: