Friday, 15 June 2012

No Wonder - The Stool Pigeon #38

A comic on how we talk about weather, and how it might affect it.

From the comics section of The Stool Pigeon #38, out this week. My second one-pager for them, and delighted to be asked back.

Look out for one in your local music house, or find a nearby stockist: here.


I am attending NoBrow's ELCAF this Sunday at The Village Underground in Shoreditch, London.

The wonderful Tom Humberstone (Solipsistic Pop) and Joe Decie are my kind table buddies. Not only does the creator line-up look amazing, the events programme is chock full of creative nuggets, too.

I'll be partaking in 2 of them: the Tac-au-Tac drawing relay with the likes of Luke Pearson, Isabel Greenberg and Kyle Platts! I'll also be part of Avoid the Future's 600 second interviews (6.00pm slot)

Finally, here's a little preview of a new edition of A3 prints which will debut at the Festival:

Thursday, 7 June 2012

New Luck

All the digital Baczynski bases received a visual overhaul this week, in an attempt to better showcase recent illustration and comics and generally bring everything up to speed.

So my portfolio website is fully redesigned, with my etsy and big cartel stores following suit, not forgetting this very blog too. Hope you approve and find some new work that had before been buried. Enjoy!

I've also added a new 'Downloads' page where there are iPhone and desktop wallpapers available to use for free.
(All images © Kristyna Baczynski, do not misuse or pinch!)