Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Due Returns

During last year's Thought Bubble festival, I had the honour of being Artist In Residence. I spent a week in Leeds Central Library (above the Art Gallery) working with Writer In Residence, Matthew Sheret. The product of our residencies was to exhibit, workshop, talk and collaborate. The collaboration turned out to be a 6-page comic called 'Due Returns', and is out now in the Thought Bubble 2012 Anthology, published by Image Comics.

The anthology is available from all good comic stores (e.g. Travelling Man) for £3, or you can get it digitally here. All profits go to the charity Barnados.  

Here are the first 2 pages for your peepers:
Our story had received some really amazing reviews, a few of them are here:

It's a story about being curious and open in day to day life, to allow for adventure and wonder. Eyes up, wits on. I hope that you enjoy it too. 

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