Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Mythical Creatures - Postcard Book!

Very happy to reveal a new book I've been part of - 'Mythical Creatures' from the Girls Who Draw collective. It contains 24 postcards, by 12 female illustrators all bound together in a wrap-around cover which I designed and illustrated.

The book is available to buy for £8 from my Etsy Store and Big Cartel shops. 
Two of the 24 postcards are illustrated by me and both feature characters from slavic folklore. This chap below is one of them - a pond-dwelling water spirit. The text is the Ukrainian translation of his name :"водяник" / "Vodianyk".
It was a real honour to be asked to work on this book... as the 'Menagerie' edition way back in 2009/10 was one of the first books I bought when beginning to self-publish my own zines and comics. Makes me feel like I've come a little way since then.

The project is curated by Karoline Rerrie, a marvellous illustrator herself. It also features work from: Gemma Correll, Currentstate, Beth Morrison, Esther McManus, Sandra Dieckmann, Kate Hindley, Lee May Foster-Wilson, Mina Braun, Ruth Green and Yee Ting Kuit.

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  1. We have in Poland something called "Bestiariusz Słowiański" ("Slavic bestiary") - it was published in February 2012, with descriptions and illustrations of Slavic creatures from legends etc.. nearly 200 different illustrations of two cartoonists(?) (most of them - and I think they are better - by Pawel Zych)