Sunday, 14 October 2012

100 Houses

Here's my painting for '100 Houses' - an exhibition bringing together 100 artists, creating 100 pieces on the theme of houses.

The text 'житло' means 'dwelling' in Ukrainian, and this guy has been dwelling on some heavy stuff, from the look of those chimneys and curtains. Acrylic and Posca on untreated brown board, 10" x 10".

The exhibition runs from November 16th - 30th, at the Tobacco Factory in Bristol. All works are for sale, and money goes to support the homeless charity Shelter.

Those good folks at Inkygoodness have a bit more info and some sneak peeks at other artist's work so far, too - click here.


  1. amazing! and what an amazing idea!

    wish it was a little closer so I could get down to see the whole exhibition


    1. Ah, thanks Chloe ( :
      I think I'll be missing the exhibition too, but will post up some updates/coverage to ease the pain!