Thursday, 28 October 2010

So Low Show

Utterly delighted to be posting my debut solo exhibition poster!

From Pictures To Houses will be a combination of site-specific installed illustrations and framed delights - Hanging up and hiding out.
Prints, postcards and paraphernalia will be available for purchase.

The show runs from November 14th - 21st, which is up to and during Thought Bubble Comic Con (TB have kindly sponsored the show, too) and Leeds International Film Festival.
The venue is The Hyde Park Picture House. Possibly one of my favourite locations in the city.
Here's how to get there.
Open for viewing at regular screening times.
So come see a frickin' fab film and soak up some particularly public penmanship!

It runs in conjunction with Headingley Arts Trail - So check out The Bowery for more details of the other awesome attractions therein.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Strix Aluco

Scribbled this for the under-construction Headingley Enterprise and Arts Centre, which is destined to be a bit of a haven for cool community cats. They are holding an exhibition of mini paper art squares, with all works for sale and all proceeds going into the project.
The original 2-colour line drawing will be in the show and up for grabs - Wings and wallets at the ready.

Wanted to re-use the illustration, so worked it up into a bit of a decorative frenzy.
He's such a square I reckon he'd make a mighty fine set of ceramic tiles... Investigation, ho!

Leeds is the city of owls, and will always have my heart.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Creature Feature

The nights are drawing in and a new season of late-night movies has been drawn up by The Hyde Park Picture House.
Every Saturday night cult, creepy and super cool reels are carefully exhumed from the vaults, dusted down and set in motion once more.

I got my blackest of pens out to draw up the visuals. Flexed those pictoral muscles and scrawled a bunch of nocturnal nasties as movie mascots.

Also summoned some formidable badge designs:

Peruse the full programme here.
So much super celluloid. Eraserhead with cinema surround? Hoo-Wee!
And Birdemic - In the words of Mr. Bakula: "Oh boy".

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Swell Lapel

Ever wanted to your collar to look top dollar?
Why, with these classy little badges you'll be the turned down textile bell of the ball.

Mini secrets lie on the paper 'neath the pins, too.
Shall put up some snaps when production HQ has churned out a fleet of the suckers... Well, more like pricks.

Available at Thought Bubble.

Oh, and as the festival programme has just been released - I'm super stoked (and mighty humbled) to announce the I am speaking on the panel for the "Everything You Wanted To Know About Self-Publishing" seminar - Hosted by Matthew Sheret and with Tom Humberstone, Adam Cadwell, Lizz Lunney and Philippa Rice also speaking.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Crafty Sew'n'So

The kind and super cool people over at have featured me in their interview series "Hello My Name Is..."

If you take a few minutes to read my rambling words, then you should certainly take a few more to adventure around the website.
It's an endless epicentre for pictorial pleasures, craft candy and handmade treasure.