Monday, 27 September 2010

From Pictures To Houses

First solo show!
Whoopity Doodle Do.

A showcase of my pictures in The Picture House. Swoon.

The exhibition will run from November 14th - 21st with all works for sale and lots of prints to purchase.
In conjunction with Leeds International Film Festival, Thought Bubble and Headingley Arts Trail.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Post Avian Flew

Made some new postcard prints - A set of 2, A6 owl prints, with nice wrapper packaging.
They were available at my stall last Saturday and will certainly make a feathery appearance at Thought Bubble in November.

"You twit"
"That makes twoo"

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Leeds Alternative Comics Fair

Last weekend was a total blast!
After a few late nights printing, cutting, sticking, signing and sewing I was just about ready for Leeds Alternative Comics Fair.
Early start, last minute prep and hopped on the bus and headed to A Nation Of Shopkeepers to set up.

(photos by Hugh Raine and Greig Johnson)

To my right were Andrew Waugh and Gary Bainbridge - who apart from being incredibly talented, were excellent company.
Watch out for Andy's strip in the upcoming volume of Solipsistic Pop.

And to my left, the wonderful Memo, who just about saved my life with some bag-bottom mini Dime bars. Bought her "Animals On The Road" zine, which is lovingly and beautifully screenprinted. Very good indeed.

I think my favourite find of the day has to be Ben Clark, who draws completely enchanting mini comics. I bought "Toilet", Helen bought "Space Dracula". We were both very happy.

Thank you to Hugh Raine and Steve Tillotson for organising the event (and managing to get us our tables for free!) - It was brilliant.
Also - perhaps an even bigger thanks to all the people to came down, talked comics, bought pictures and generally made it such a success!
As always - I am indebted to you all.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Bubbling Interview

A bit of housekeeping this morning!

Just wanted to direct any folks with a few minutes that frantically need filling to the Thought Bubble blog - Where I have a follow up interview to my 'minterview' earlier in the year.
Words here!

Oh, and my profile is up on the Thought Bubble Site.
All the exhibitors are listed here.
There's some hot folks, I tell you.

Monday, 6 September 2010

(Sol) Poppin' Fresh

Seem to have been working completely incognito of late on projects which are on the hush until proper release.

Well, below is a teaser for my submission to Solipsistic Pop 3.
Due out in November, it's a mini-morsel to peek at until then.

Just so it looks like I've been doing more than sit on my ever-growing behind, chomping on fig rolls.

Picture That

Joy! - The new Hyde Park Picture House programmes are out.
Multiplied en masse and scattered across the land.

If you pick one up, you'll be surely studying a beautiful, newly-designed schedule of awesome films...
But, you may also spot a few little critters poking their necks and limbs in and amongst the pages.

Very honoured to have contributed a character palette to the re-design. So there shall be all new creature features for the coming months too!

What a delight to see so many drawn chums independently voyaging the city vicinity.
Although every time I see a copy, I end up picking it up for cheap thrills.
Fighting the urge to hoard these facsimilies... But unlike the famous Japanese animated sensation, I must not collect them all.