Friday, 25 June 2010


As with many melancholy and tumultuous teenagers - The Magnetic Fields had their records worn painfully thin as I grew from a socially uncomfortable and depressed girl in to a socially uncomfortable and distressed young woman.

As such, it was with much enjoyment and excitement that I discovered Julia Scheele's online project - How Fucking Romantic
The aim of the project is to illustrate each and every mournful melody from the album "69 Love Songs".
Some awesome contributors already: Tom Humberstone, Lizz Lunney, Octavia Raitt and Luke Pearson

I snapped up "Sweet Lovin' Man"...

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Fest Wishes

It's stormy, sticky and sweaty - Summer has arrived.
Verdant and vibrant, balmy and bustling.

The season that provides all manner of blossoming bashes and supplementary shindigs.
Among the hot, hot hubbub is the New Haven Summer Comics Fest!
Just finished the official poster - hot, hot off the harddrive.

So if you find yourself west of the Atlantic with a pair of shorts that need sunning, get down.
Sponsored by Ideat Village and Nib-Lit Comics Journal.