Sunday, 30 May 2010

Cell Your Soul

A lovely thing came in the post this week.
Hot off the primordial presses, straight outta the evolutionary envelope - Being 747's musical masterpiece Ameoba To Zebra.

It not only holds the story of life from the first cellular upstarts through to the walking, talking sentient uprights - It also sports an attractive display of visuals. Illustrated throughout it's tangible form by my human hands.
All the usual bits a CD has evolved plus a 16 page booklet - scrawled with cave-drawings from inception to extinction.

Education, evolution and eye candy.
CD available from Wrath Records (and on download) as well as on with tshirts and a killer badge design.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Golden Delicious

After the two-face tester for Dirty Beasts last week it only seemed right to split the halves open and see what lie beneath.

The segmented savages were rotten through.

Monday, 10 May 2010

When I'm Blowing Bubbles...

As if I didn't already think Thought Bubble was one of the most glorious anomalies of creation our cluttered cosmos of chaos had thrown up...

Those lucky stars get all my thanks.
You can read the real thing at these coordinates.
Keep on reading for even cooler cats and their comics.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Harvey Dented

If the divine delight of meeting the terrifically talented Becky Barnicoat last week wasn't enough - we decided to start a zine together.
My verbal reflex of a title was "Dirty... Bas... Tards?"
Her well-pitched adjustment was: "Dirty Beasts!"

Expect cut-up monsters, 'taches and grizzlies soon.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Doodle... FAST

This is a tardy update - Be warned.
However, if you like two-week-old-news, then HOT DAMN you're gonna love this!

DoodleFest was a super day/night event in Leeds at The Subculture.
A bloody bonanza of crooners, crafs and cupcakes.
Most noticable, though were the walls.
They had been painted a tasteful "Antarctic Breeze" white, in readiness for the incoming throng of super talented artists, armed with black markers, being set loose on the vacant verticals.

Eye spy for Drew Millward, James Downing and there should be This Chap somewhere...

I was honoured to be among them, and covered my share of white with black:

(photos by kind courtesy of Lailah O'Donnell, Leon D. Arts, Jennifer Marie Bryan)

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Be Cool

Hey presto - A testament to feelings of social anxiety!

Shiver My Nibbles

It's a constant source of joy, delight and sweet life-force to be featured regularly in Nib-Lit.
So much so it's only fair to hurl a little hunk of happiness right back at those Good Folks... Well folk... Well, Mykl Sivak

So the latest issue not only features one of my four panel affairs, but also sports a shiny (sweaty and slightly spooked) new 'Czynski masthead.

You get your peepers on the whole darn digital thing just here

Oh, this is pretty freakin' cool:

(Hand Model - M. Sivak)