Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Get Sappy

It's the launch of Solipsistic Pop 2 tomorrow night at The Cross Kings N1 0AX.

To celebrate I've screenprinted an edition of 'Sapling' comics.
2-colour, 4 x B4 pages on high quality A2 280gsm.

Available exclusively at the event, printed with love and wrapped up in a paper treat.

Detail of the label design:

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Popping Candy

Aw, gee - Solipsistic Pop is getting launched in 10 Earth days.

I'll be skipping work and hopping a train down town to attend.
Hopefully with an armful of screenprinted Saplings in tow.

This totally awesome flyer features Luke Ferenc Pearson's cover illustration that is nothing less than the bees knees, ankles, socks and toes.
What lies within it's gatefold clasp is equally marvellous.

I hope to see your beautiful, comic-loving eyes there (here)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Hot Bot Got Shot

Robots, old paper and a sense of unease.
Hot combo.

Say hello to this lonely lothario.

Oh, and err... watch out if he asks you to wind his key.

Nibble This

Gee Whizz - What I wouldn't have done to get teleported to New York last weekend for MoCCA.
Unfortunately, the Atlantic defied me once again.

But this is pretty much the next best thing!

The marvellous Mykl Sivak has been publishing some pictures o' mine in his weekly comics journal NibLit...
Well Mr. Sivak attended comic heaven and made a showcase zine of featured strips to take along!

Read it here with your eyes and be happy.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Tick Twit Tock Twoo

Oh boy... Spring is here and those birds sure are singing.

With the new job in full swing I am now, myself a lark - rising at an ungodly hour for sweet, sweet salary.
It doesn't seem to ruffle my feathers, as through my curtains flows a warbling chorus of beaks perched on branches as a morning welcome.

So with all this bird-talk, when I saw a shifting-eyed owl clock on ebay my paypal account surrendered immediately.
This evening I returned to find he had landed, covered in stamps and ready to tick into action.

He is now placed (unlike MJ) on the wall - alternately looking between me and then the hat stand.
I've returned to my night owl ways in his honour and stayed up late making a .gif of him.
(click the image to get him going)

Tock 'n' Roll!