Sunday, 21 February 2010

Wake up, Time To... BYE

Hurdles, milestones, frontiers, careers, leaps, bounds, gadzooks and zounds - The times, they are a-changing.

After many months of happy labour I'm leaving my job at Leeds City Museum Cafe to step onto the designer's ladder and finally collect salary as I pass go.

Those girls sure are the sweetest bunch of ladies and I'm rather sad to have to bid them farewell, though thrilled to my core to have met them all.

This scribble gets these opposing feelings across in a handy flip-able face.
Did each orientation with a different colourway.

Onwards and upward!
Though often sideways and slowly.

APF 2010

Still cutting and sticking between the gasps for air, last Saturday I travelled down the spine of England to get a spot at the super cool Alternative Press Fair.
Once more I teamed up with Octavia Raitt to open up our creative hearts for the consumption of human strangers.

It was a pretty awesome day - a parade of cool cats and diggity dogs made their way over to talk, swap, read and buy comics.
What a dream.

A day full of discoveries also, as I finally crawled (literally) from our den and hopped around the hall to grab some goodies and spend my winnings...

Was delighted to do a swap with the marvellous David O'Connell - Already had a robot print of his and acquired a planetary, cosmic delight to keep it company.

Finally met the wonderfully talented Karoline Rerrie whose work I've seen all over the place - Namely her spread in the Love To Print zine Obsession, which is just brillo.

Also picked up a really lovely zine by Aimee Van Hien all covered in origami cranes... Oh boy, swoon.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Heads Up

Today has been all about printing 'n' prep for Saturday.
As such, I've been trawling old folders and files for a little nugget of visual ore of mine to mine.
This feller popped his head in to say hello, so he got a make-over...

Available at Alternative Press Fair as limited edition prints (A5) and hand-made tote bags (small and large).

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Pressing Matters

It was bound to happen - Con Leeds to Con leads to Con (...leads to a happy heart)

So after the thrill-ride of Thought Bubble in November, Miss Octavia and I have taken a deep breath once more and with much trepidation dip our creative toes into London's pond.
Saturday 13th February hails the 1st birthday of Alternative Press - A group of writers, artists and publishers who make the world a better place.
On this day The Alternative Press Fair is the place to be!
It's at St Aloysius Social Club, NW1 1TA (map here) from 12 noon.

We have table space and a whole heap of groovy goods to peruse.
So come, draw, print, make and buy.

This is a little 7cm x 7cm blue biro contribution for their poster.
Oh, Saturday.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Drop It Like It's Hot

The worlds of culinary skill and physical prowess should never meet.
Generally, if you want to practise the former, you're attainment in the latter will waver... and probably wobble, swell and distend a little.

A good example would be the pancake flip.
Nostrils stimulated, saliva flowing, you have to first perform a feat of sporting excellence before being awarded the greasy, golden-brown goodness.
Many fail - Left only with feelings of self-loathing and condemned to eat scraps from the floor.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Age Concern

Today is my birthday...
A historic hurdle has been leapt that lands me irrevocably in the rank of 'mid-twenties'
Still young? Of course, but less young for sure.
Time is such a wicked mistress, ticking and tumbling along regardless.

This feller seems quite appropriately timed, then:

Hair-loss tends to be a male affliction, however I might indulge in a haircut later.
Definitely feel too old to disco.
Even with George.