Sunday, 31 January 2010


Get a bit of a bad press.
I'm pretty sure Goldblum and Attenborough wouldn't share a lift with one.

Jumping on the jurrasic-hatin' bandwagon I seem to have decided they're destructive monsters too...
Though this one sports a nice tank top and knows the benefits of a foot-spa after a long day stamping around at work.

So perhaps after all these millions of years it really is true that...
"They rememberrrrr"

Thursday, 28 January 2010

You're Frown Is Upside Down

Cheer, Cheer!
The music video is here!

Many months ago I was approached by the musical marvel Leano to contribute 10 seconds of drawings that move to his noble cause.
I was not the only one...

Some months and many animators later - The video for 'Smile' is complete.

It's premiering tonight at The Fleapit in Shoreditch, London, 7.30pm onwards - A live music, video and exhibition extravaganza.
I shall be there with a few prints and bits to sell - sure am looking forward to meeting a whole bunch of exciting new cartoon people.

Here lies my clip:

Be still:

And the whole thing is here!

Friday, 22 January 2010

Prawn Broker

For he's a jolly good arthropod...

Q: What do you get it you put a sea crustacean in a tuxedo, take him out to dinner and let him drink wine?
A: Lingering odours, nervous thank you speeches and no deposit back for the tux.

This is after the stink, but before the skint.

So sweet, so sour...
So long!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Bear With Me

Put a new pun into the 'Wordplay-To-Comic-Converter' this evening.

It's Ursine!
It's Dental!

So remember: next time you spot a strawberry lace that goes all the way up, a bon bon thats the bomb or a or a pear drop that fell from heaven - brush your tushy pegs or you'll have a handful of unwanted ivory.

Ursa Major... MAJOR PAIN

Saturday, 9 January 2010

2 Up

Here's the first page behind the aforementioned cover...

The cover may be technicolour, however the insides are going to be black and white facsimiles.
I thought this might be a bit of a let down.
I was wrong.

Dot screens are bloody marvellous.
It's such a lovely aesthetic and a comic tradition which may have just wooed me enough to be my graphic mistress of choice.
Here begins the monotone honeymoon.
Many more silly wordplays shall turn into one-page wonders.

But, poor bird
(Am I talking about me or Mr. Toucan, though. Oh)

Jest Pest

Finally back into the pendulum of progress, the seesaw of service... The swing of things.

New year, new project - and this is it.

'Gags' is as outlet to glorify my terrible curse of habitual punning.
The title is a pun, too. God almighty.
Y'see the jokes are so bad that they might make you barf up your tasty dinner... So get your bibs on and have a paper bag at the ready.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Old Long Sigh

Another day, another decade.

Is it just me that feels the utter terror and dread that linger ominously behind the festivities of New Year?
Floating between the fizzy booze and leftover party food platters of Xmas is the undeniable and relentless knowledge that all things return to normality in a precious few days.
Clawing at the cranberry sauce and fruitcake will not stop the twinkling warmth of Christmas abruptly exiting and leaving you with the cold, hard January Blues.

But take solace in one activity that can be a soothing remedy to this mournful condition.
The purchasing of new stationary!

A new year demands a new diary with a fresh cover and empty pages to fill.

MUJI have a few on sale - a rather lovely brown paper, ring bound beauty came home with me.
It comes with a blank cover, just asking for a doodling...

January - You shall not break me.