Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Pressing Matters

It was bound to happen - Con Leeds to Con leads to Con (...leads to a happy heart)

So after the thrill-ride of Thought Bubble in November, Miss Octavia and I have taken a deep breath once more and with much trepidation dip our creative toes into London's pond.
Saturday 13th February hails the 1st birthday of Alternative Press - A group of writers, artists and publishers who make the world a better place.
On this day The Alternative Press Fair is the place to be!
It's at St Aloysius Social Club, NW1 1TA (map here) from 12 noon.

We have table space and a whole heap of groovy goods to peruse.
So come, draw, print, make and buy.

This is a little 7cm x 7cm blue biro contribution for their poster.
Oh, Saturday.

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