Friday, 18 December 2009

Holly Daze

As we hurtle towards the end of "Oh Nein!" it's almost impossible to resist a serious case of The Retrospective Sentimentals.

This condition made me look back over bloggings and pictures littering the wake of this here year.
This looking back made me realise I've let two Christmases pass without a KriskiCorp greeting.
This realisation made me resolute to not let another season of festive blogging opportunity pass.

And here it is - My busniness's first holiday greeting.

Snowmen need carrots to smell.
But, reindeer have insatiable appetites.

It shall be attached and emailed to my associates, customers and comrades.
Coming to an inbox near YOU

Happy Holidays, Folks!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Horny Biker... What?


So, yeah... Might explain this one a little.

'Horny Biker Sluts' is a collaborative book project curated by Leonie OMoore compiling work by female comicking artists on the subjects of horns, bikes and loose women.

Miss OMoore appeared at Thought Bubble and made her way towards our stall carrying a big, red leather tome.
Asked to contribute and handed the book my heart was excited and my eyes delighted as three words stamped, embossed and stormed from the front cover: Horny Biker Sluts.

A little flush in the cheeks, but interested nonetheless, I put pen to paper today and made my entry.

Horny... Unicorn!
Biker... Tricycle!
Sluts... "Floosie" brand t-shirt.

Leonie's site has more on TB and HBS in the 'blog' section, which is yummers.

Quit Clownin'

Today I have a moment to devote to this here blog, but - alas, no finished pictures to thrust toward the internet's eyes.

So while hunting for reuseable colour palettes through the labyrithine folders of my harddrive I bumped into this feller.

If I recall correctly he made the journey from pen to paper last year just before I started bloggin with my noggin... So I reckon he'll be fresh to your peepers.
Feel free to enjoy while I finish up some proper new things in the meantime.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Picture This

The Hyde Park Picture House is a pretty splendid little cinema shack.
Gas lights, red velvet and golden flourishes almost distract you from the red hot cinematic release projecting it's way into your heart.

Imagine then, when such a place approached this peroxide destroyed geek with the request of designing some right festive greeting...
Hot Diggity - Pens (and now indeed graphics tablet and pen) brandished I whizzed up this thing.

I hope YULE like it.
Oh dear.

P.S. Apologies for the fortnight of silence - I've had a serious case of "The Con Comedowns"