Monday, 23 November 2009

El Dio Del Comico Muerte

On Saturday the 21st of November I woke up at 6.30am and it felt like Christmas.
For about 45 seconds.
Then it felt like puke-o-rama nervosa as I realise what day it really was... I shook all day.

The day, however, was not one to be feared.
It was possibly one of the most sublime 24 hours I've had the right-honourable pleasure of ticking through.

My comic comrade, Miss Octavia was at my side as we sprawled our arty insides across a peach-coloured table-cloth for 7 earth hours.
It was worth every gut-wretchingly exciting moment.
I have never met a more wonderful and generous procession of people in my small, secluded life.

Prints were rolled and sold, stickers were snatched up and stuck down, snowglobes inverted and enchanted, zines were picked up and flicked through.
I was a grinning wreck.

Thanks goodness for comic loving folk.
In fact - Lets just thank those folk.

Thought Bubble - Fort Double

Well, here's a quick slideshow of all my goodies before they were bundled up and boxed away to The Con.

More on The Con (complete with it's very own slideshow) in Post No. 2 of the evening...

p.s. If you spot a thing your heart desires, feel free to message me and I can pack and post the delight to your door.

Friday, 20 November 2009


Today is the day.
At Saviles Hall in Leeds, Thought Bubble Comic Convention is a-happenin'

Currently battling nausea, I assure mself my boxes are stuffed with stuff and my frames are framing stuff - Today we meet, talk and sell.

I have for sale a years worth of booty:

Prints - Full colour digital and screen printed delights from A6 to A1

Stickers - Black and white monsters, birds and creatures, ladies in sad costumes (also in full colour) and screen printed onesies.

Zines - 'One Week, Seven Days' and 'A Four Panel Affair'

Comics - 'The ProffessionOwl' and 'The Neighbour'

Snowglobes - Three ultra-limited glittery domes, each with two original and unique drawings inside their reservoir of magic.

T-Shirt - Three super one-off hand drawn designs on sleeveless cotton.

Origami - Eight creatures in a pack to cut and fold into a gang of new pals.

Notepads - Handy things for you groovy jotters.

Calendars - Paper calendars for 2010, each an original drawing and design.

Right... That's staved of the puking and killed enough time to start loading up the wheels.
Pictures in the morrow.
Tally Ho.

Monday, 16 November 2009

S.A.D. - Stickers Are Dandy

Stickers... IN COLOUR.

Must be pushing the boat out.
I have no boat...

Wanted to do something with my 'Sad Ladies In Costumes That Say Song Lyrics In Speech Bubbles' Series, so I decided to make them into a pack of stickers.

The speech bubbles are now blank so their owner can write their own notes and pop them 'pon surfaces of their choosing.
Also, after much deliberation I changed the name of the group - Behold: 'Dress Up, Get Down'

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Me Army O' Origami

Paper, animals and a bit of craft... A winning combination.

It's been in the works a good six months, but finally I've got my origami creature book into a form fit to peddle.

The finishing touch was the cover:

And behind it's facade are a host of critters waiting to spring to life:

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Good Four You

One week until Thought Bubble and my thoughts are bubbling.

I've been meaning to get the comics from my four-panel sketchbook into some kind of reproduced pamphlet for quite some time.
It only occurred to me the other day that I have more than enough to make a one page, fold-up zine - Just needed a cover to top them off.

Here is that cover, with it's own four panels... The words "Four Panel" on it... And lots of fourtet panelling within it.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Cover Me

The final addition to this week, even weak project - The cover.

This makes eight pages in total - arranged onto one sheet, with a bit of folding magic this completes a snazzy little zine.

Well... after I guillotine and snip, score and fold, assemble and tremble the way through many, many copies.

Week Tea, Please

Well, we have arrived at day seven, in (just about) seven days.
My last one sits here.

Foxes, squirrels and all manner of winged fellows cross my path on a stroll out of the house.
Combine this creature feature with golden leaves and an autumn breeze and you have yourself a potent mixture that will give any good soul a case of the swooning sentimentals.

Swoon this, suckers.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Your Powers Are Week

When a picture gets finished you can sit back, rest your fingers and feel good about yourself for a few hours...
With a film you get to have a little party.

A wrap party!

However, since the production in question was a two-man show, we basically stood in the kitchen gleefully eating toffees and recklessly drinking weak shandy.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Hooded animal costumes are essential wear for the Eve of Hallow's.

One bear, one wolf - we stalked the streets in fine attire.
Bumping into zombies walking their pups, medusa herself and all manner of sexy nurses.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Week Willed

Stuffing your face full of tasty food is really great.
However, the food can bite back - squarely on the sinuses.

I'm talking about wasabi... All about wasabi.

Gosh, that stuff is just delicious, but urged by one's appetite and greed it's easy to go one step too far.

Monday, 2 November 2009


Have another day, Sir?
Oh, go on then...

This one day... I managed to make a poster from start to finish in one turn of the earth and felt pretty smug about it.

It took a pot of coffee and a pack of biscuits to fuel my hands and mind, but they worked in unison and did me proud.

Sunday, 1 November 2009


Trying to avoid traffic on the way to work lead to a very long and lonesome journey.
Trapped between the school children and business men I crawled along the snake of automobiles and wished I could navigate away.

I knew I was in trouble when the cassette started to repeat.