Saturday, 31 October 2009

My Week-ness

There is a date in my diary that is rapidly and relentlessly approaching.
This date is the 21st November and is called Thought Bubble.

Me and my good comrade Octavia Raitt have purchased a small press table and are selling our wares.
One issue arises with such a wonderous endeavour - We must have things to sell.

To bolster our stock numbers we have decided to make a dual action zine!

Eight pages, one week and seven diary entries - draw by us both, and on reverse sides of the same zine.

Day 1 complete:

Expect seven posts in the next seven days.
Also expect more frantic blogging as we ever-closen to the mighty day

Friday, 23 October 2009

Electric Vinyl

Aw, gee - It sure has been a collaborative month.

The lovely girls of Leeds-based decorative vinyl Co. Little Electric have commissioned a selection of my designs to add to their business portfolio!

So if its a pen or a pierrot, a galleon or a goldfish, a crayon or a cuckoo clock that you desire as a domestic decal, then join their facebook group and get some vinyl on your walls.

More designs on the way - Including Christmas window displays.
Jingle my bells.

I have a cuckoo clock in my hallway.
It tells the right time twice a day.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Shake it

After a summer of production, me and my creative comrade Mr. Greig Johnson have hopped over the finish line and called a wrap on a music video for Being 747's Amoeba To Zebra.

I was more than delighted to be asked to contribute by the one-man-wonder Eclectic Schlock Productions - making all the animated content for the video.

Speakers on, eyes fixed and toes ready to tap...

A whole bunch of good stuff at once.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Hello, Wiener

Oh, it is undoubtedly the beginning of winter - Crispy orange detritus littering the roads, parsnips and pumpkin back on the shelves, that strange smell of gunpowder suddenly creeping up your snout.

Not to mention the appearance of fangs, masks, eyeballs and capes in the local corner shop.
Stock up - for...
All Hallow's Eve is upon us, mortals!

Gee, I sure did enjoy doing this critter...

Thanks go to the marvellous people of Boutique Catering for letting me
draw so much.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Yoony Corn

And finally - I complete my sextet of saddened sisters.

I've had this waiting in the wings - suspended in silence as the search for a special snippet of speech was being sourced.

The literary limbo was broken moments ago as I looked out to the sunset and listened to The Sensual World - Rocket's Tail sure is the dreamiest ditty.

In my head unicorns fly... But that's Pegasus, right?
Some crossbreeding needs to be happening in the mythical hills, I reckon.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Walking to work in the brisk morning mist is a contemplative and often melancholy activity which routinely causes minds to wander through the gates of imagination, into the land of fantasy.

Between watching leaves fall, catching sight of the still-visible moon and wishing I had brought my child safety mittens I seeded this baby.

Passports at the ready as we hitch a ride on the starry highway.