Wednesday, 26 August 2009

O... God

Glad to be back on the Alphabet wagon - This time ticking off all things "O"-mighty.

On the other side of the oval you can observe:

A pair of opera glasses, an orca whale, origami, an owl, oxygen, omega, an octagon, an oreo, an onion, an ocarina, an otter, an oasis, an oyster, an octopus, okra, an oil lamp, an oven glove, an omelette, Odin, an ocelot, an orchid, an oar and a bowl o' oats.

Oh My.

Granny Basher

I overheard a mother consoling her trembling offspring with these words the other day at work.
The kid was reluctant to enter the world of stuffed critters and preserved beasts, but hopefully came around to the idea once he was reassured the monsters had been ensured extinct by Nana The Destroyer.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Sexual Heel-ing

I finally managed to put pen to paper for the good band o'boys Am.I.Achilles? for their E.P. "Crowds Aren't Good"

Peer through the CD-case-sized portholes upon some cosmic melancholy.



Stickers and bass-drum vinyl to come.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Phonetic Energy

I sure like meeting new people... Though they don't like meeting the pronunciation hurdle that is my name.

The way it's spelt provides a mysterious clue as to how it's said - but ultimately just breeds many similar aliases.
I decided to make an illustration of picture phonetics to soothe away the uncertainty and confusion once and for all.

Behold - The mystery is revealed:

Gone is Christina Backzinnsky - Whoever she was.

Thanks to Peter Criss.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Time Out

The Righteous Brothers are not to be trusted.

"Time goes by so slowly" - Not true.
It's August already and the days are slipping away almost as fast as the weeks.

Time goes by so quick that my very core is shaken.
My core was also stirred... to make a comic about it.