Friday, 22 May 2009

Cztery Panele

A beautifully handmade square sketchbook was generously donated to my modest cause about a week ago (though I fear it may well have been longer).
Looking at it's blank, willing pages I meandered through the many possibilities of what to put in it.
After a cover-to-cover reading of The Perry Bible Fellowship I came to the conclusion that making a big book brimming with lots o' short but sumptuously sweet comics is a real super thing to do.
This is the first of many 4-Panel pages which will (WILL) fill my new sketchbook.

Apologies to Nicholas Gurewitch if he just spawned a monster.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

The Neighbour

This comic is a warning to anyone considering living in a back-to-back terrace that shares any of it's thin, papery walls with a jazz pianist who has a penchant for house music.

The man behind my wall is a very bad man.
Playing terrifying and inexplicably disjointed melodies until 5 a.m. on many occasions.
I have wept, phoned the police, guzzled Baileys in the dead of night, taken more than the recommended dose of paracetamol, kicked plasterboard and slipped down the garden path in my pajamas all in a vain attempt to silence this abominable creature.

Residents of Woodside Place - Beware.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Jeffrey Lewis

Sunday the 3rd of May brought with it the usual holy day lazings: Coffee pot on, Tv tuned to Takeshi's Castle.
After the morning turned in to a charming afternoon, it soon mutated into evening as these things do.
Sunday evening was less usual.
Sunday evening was Jeffrey Lewis and The Junkyark playing live at the Hyde Park Picture House.

Ticket firmly clutched in my palm, I wandered closer to this fondly regarded venue and witnessed a very wonderful show in very beautiful surroundings.

After the band dismounted the stage, me and my companions, Miss. Pocock and Mr. Welbourn made for the doors which were bulging and congested.
In this limbo between in and out, stuck by the merchandise table and only feet away from the man himself... Something strange happened.
I mustered some courage: Approaching Jeffrey Lewis and somehow asking him to sign my sketchbook aside a crudely scribbled outline of himself.
He did so without hesitation!
We exchanged sketchbooks and many words in conversation... And he is a superbly lovely man.

This induces happiness upon viewing.