Friday, 27 March 2009


Hot off the Lightbox-Photoshop Express!

This is for a new Leeds-based online/offline zine called Tapes.
I met one of it's founders through Northern Design gubbins and was very kindly asked to join the first issue.
It's a music and art zine where the artists are allocated a musician and use their soundwaves to come up with a visual response.
My musician was the very founder himself - Mr. Ash Mann

I chose his song 'Windmills' (which can be found on his MySpace Page)
It's a beauty of a song and has the words 'clock', 'sandcastle', 'windmill', 'umbrella' and 'beach' in it - which sent me off in a seaside spin.

Some more info on Tapes: Website, MySpace Page and Blog.

I'll check back when the zine is launched, as I think there'll be a podcast and exhibition to go with it.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

The Crunch

We're all feelin' it - or so I'm told.

Though, I seem to be perpetually strapped - regardless of the current climate (which, incidentally seemed mild and balmy today).

I reckon the worrying financial squeeze can be kept at bay as long as you have the crunch of a juicy carrot, celery stick or perhaps even a sugar snap...
Much prefer a 'Sugar Snap' to a 'Credit Crunch'.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

A Page From My Pad

Thought I should pop a page of my sketchbook on here, as I seem to be permanently in it's company, however seldom shove it face down onto the scanner bed and bear it to this blog.

So here are the latest complete pages.

...and yes, I WILL work for vegetables - Call me.

Cilla Black

As I sat with friends on Tuesday night we ventured through the many channels of entertainment until we happened upon the visage of Mrs. Cilla Black...
Aghast, my chum exclaimed, "Oh, it's Cilla Black!" ... Then after a short pause, "Her hair is so shiny and brown - I thought it was a ham"

That is funny.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

See 'C' - My Playmate

I'm slowly chipping away at the 26 characters of our language, and here is 'C' - chalked up by request for Miss Cristina.

Crammed into the circular cranny we can confirm the company of:

A cherokee chief, a cuckoo clock, some candy floss, some cheese, a cleaver, a candelabra, a cobra, a cyclops, a crotchet, a crown, caesar, a cocktail, a cup of coffee, a clog, a cowboy, a couple cherries, a cactus, a cauldron, a chameleon, cutlery, a corn, a clown, a caterpillar, a cod, a crab, a crying cloud and a comb.


Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The Top Of The Alphabet

Alastair aged annually a few days ago.

I thought it an appropriate action to arrange an array of 'A's for this aging associate.

The annular area accomodates:

An accordion, an avocado, an armadillo, an amigo, an apron, an atom, an apple, an aspirin, an alarm clock, an amoeba, an arrow, an anchor, an angelfish, an aardvark, an axe, an asteroid, an alligator, an ant, an alien, an ace, an acorn, an abacus, an albatross, and an artichoke.


Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Reep-A-Cheap... Zine

It's time to reep rewards!

This month's issue of CHEAP Magazine is out now - printed and bound by some lovely birds.

The middle page spread is by me - so head on over to their shop and grab yourself a copy.
It's filled with pages of gorgeous grayscale treats and will only set you back ONE POUND STERLING!

Now thats cheap.