Thursday, 19 February 2009

Mmm K

Another one for the alphabet gang.
Drawn for a tip top gal by the name of Kelly as a thank you gesture.

Her super K-ool initial is joined by:

Some fancy knickers, a koi carp, a knuckle duster, a kidney, a koala, a kazoo, some knitting, a 'kerchief, a kestrel, a king, a kaleidoscope, a knot, a kite, a kiwi, a key, a knight, a bottle of ketchup, a knee, a kettle, a kitten, a kiss, a kangaroo, a knocker, a kimono and a keyboard.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

TShirts For Sale!

The super cool, independent clothing label Mouldy Loaf have got one of my designs in their new range of tasty threads.

So head on over to their Store and get your torso looking snazzy phresh!

Monday, 16 February 2009

Illoo Stray Shun

Stumbled upon a little illustration work last week - for the good people at 3 Minutes Of Madness Record Label.

They were after an image for their website.

Drafted in, I wielded my pens and came up with the two fellers below.

So next time you're passing, pop your head in and rev up the jukebox!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

H H Happy Birthday

Here's another letter for another dear friend.

H-Bomb Holly gets to hang out with: a ham, a harp, a hammer, headphones, a heart, a hobby horse, a hook, Humpty Dumpty, a horn, a hermit crab, a harlequin mask, her botanical namesake - holly, a hairdryer, a hand, a jar of honey, a harmonica, a hamster, a hydrant, a hammerhead shark, a sprig of hyacinth, a horseshoe, a hot air balloon, a hotdog, a hi-fi, a hanger, a hare and a hot, hot habanero pepper.

Making a move closer to a whole alphabet.
Two down - Twentyfour to go...
Pity I don't know anyone by the name of Xavier though.