Monday, 26 January 2009

Can I Have A Pee?

My rather modest, but very dear friendship circle includes two lovely ladies who happen to have both been dubbed identically by their parents: Rachael.

Over time a method has been devised to distinguish which namesake you intend to alert by simply adding the initial of their surname to your cries.
So we have a Rachael 'T' and a Rachael 'P'...
This has inevitably been condensed to simply 'Tee' or 'Pee', and at the weekend 'Pee' celebrated her 23rd full orbit of the sun since birth.

This was my commemorative gift:

Her distinguishing initial in a sea of other 'Pee's.

If you fancy gazing you may discover: a pipe, a peacock, a parasol, a pirate, a purse, a poppy, a pear, a pearl, a peg, a peanut, a pistol, a pie, a penguin, a parachute, a planet, a peach, a padlock, a pea pod, a porcupine, a pencil, a panda, a plug, a pierrot, a pizza, a pumpkin, a pin and a dash of poison.

This makes me want to tackle the rest of the alphabet.
'Tee' knows what she might get come her annual ageing then.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear...

When you draw pictures for CHEAP 'zine?

In their own words - 'Cheap is the noise a bird makes'

So behold: The international nesting centre for warm-blooded, egg laying vertebrate distinguished by the possession of feathers, wings and a beak. Perhaps also, in this case, the additional function of speech.

This flock utter their chorus in all the languages I could find to translate.

A few little gags in there to spot too: French hen, Kingfisher, Robbin'...

I think this'll be available in February some time, so check in on their site.
Lord knows, I will.

Monday, 19 January 2009

"Man Vs Mescaline"

There is a man called Daniel Cantrell and he puts together a zine called 'Good Vs Evil'.

I stumbled upon the Good Vs Evil MySpace page and almost immediately picked a copy of Issue 2.

The theme was 'Man Vs. Animal' and within the pages of this beautifully bound tome was a hive of sweet, sweet illustration.
Page after page of it. By lots of talented people. Printed on lovely paper...
Needless to say I WANTED IN.

After a brief bit of correspondence Issue 3's theme was revealed to me as 'Man Vs Mescaline'.
Here is my contribution to the next installment of desirable goodness... Or perhaps Evilness

Next issue should be out in a few weeks, so that's a little treat to be anticipating.