Saturday, 20 December 2008

Pencils Ahoy

A couple weeks ago I started a new sketchbook devoted to pencils rather than pen - my usual weapon of choice.

As a result a few new friends have been born, rendered in tone as well as line!

Yummers - expect more.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

While I'm at it...

I've been meaning to get this on here for an awful long time, so here goes.
I was in a MAGGER ZEEN!

God bless SHUT Magazine

A Little Bit Of Christmas Cheer

Aside from the evenings spent panicked into frenzy, hurriedly scrawling well-wishing doodles onto scraps of card for the birthday's of friends and family - I can say I have never officially designed a greetings card.
Well, that was until now.
Excuse me while I wait for the fanfare... Perhaps not.

Just a little thing for a Letting Agency in Harrogate.

I feel rather festive after that.
Bring on the 'Nog


A slow monday morning last week was rocketed from mundane to euphoric when I got the super news that my 'Lovebirds' comic had won Thought Bubble's Art Competition.
A whole load of comicular delights were headed my way and I nervously hurried into Travelling Man with a stack of prints to collect a veritable bounty of delights!

Oh Boy...
What utterly lovely people.

I printed an edition of 14 'Lovebirds' to mark the occasion - So if you fancy getting your paws on a fine digital print (numbered and signed), just holler.
£3 including p+p - Contact me at