Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Turbulence @ The Serpentine

It's always a thrill when I get suprised with some news of an illustration or animation from days gone by, but this surely topped the bunch...

A few months ago I was very kindly asked to produce cover illustrations for a political journal called Turbulence and I did my job, scribbled, sent it away and the printed publication was reproduced lots of times in July:

Behold, the glorious tangible newsprint facsimile:

It's the illustration that just keeps giving - as late last week I was informed that Turbulence was going to be involved in an exhibition of manifestos at The Serpentine Gallery, London on that very weekend.
Curses - I couldn't make it down (instead I was stranded in The North watching TV Burp to soothe away the blues) but after a bit of internet snooping I found out a bit more, and am indeed thrilled.

Some words about the event at

...and some photos too at The Serpentine website.
I'm scrutinising the photo of Gilbert and George to see if they're even in proximity to my work...

I'm telling myself Brian Eno, Vivienne Westwood and Yoko Ono probably picked up a copy each for their personal collections.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

For Fox Sake

More old-i-fying of pictures.

Had to draw this after a visit to Grizedale sculpture park in The Lake District. At the crest of a rather lengthy uphill climb a big stone fox stood majestically. After a few seconds deliberation I introduced myself, climbed aboard and hey presto the Big Friendly Fox took off.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Moon Raker : Sketchbook To Illustration


Is the sketchbook a doodle? A rough? The essence of the idea?

Is the sketchbook lesser than the illustration? Why redraw? Why colour?

Does this process distill and define?

Continue doing them both, certainly.
Neither practice will stop anytime soon, so plenty more time to address these thoughts.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Smokin' Fresh Picture

This feathery friend has been floating around for some time...

Been wanting to use this phrase since a chance venture into Amsterdam's most enchanting music emporium (Palm Music, I think) where hung an empty bird cage in which was a little note scribbled with the words: "This bird has flown"

Thought it was reet nice, so I done made a picture of the bird.


A welcome to me and indeed, a welcome to you.

This blog is my new pet - A place to show things, collect things and keep things for posterity.

Expect new pictures and cartoons to be plastered up hastily on completion, along with thoughts, doodles and finds.

Existing work is already up on my myspace site: